Dear Andrea

I am a mason, who has been living in the rural part of Jamaica for the past eight years and I have not worked for a year because of ill health, I am a diabetic and is finding it very hard to buy medication and I can't even pay my rent.

My landlord locked my clothes in the room I rented and I am unable to access them, I have no where to go as all my family live in Kingston and so I have been sleeping around in public places since June, children throw stones at me and mock me on their way to school.

I don't think I deserve to be treated like this, what can the government do for persons like me?


Dear Rejected,

Your situation is becoming very common in Jamaica, you did not state your age, but with your skill I am sure that if you try you will find work in your community as construction is going on in every nook and crany of Jamaica. If you are unable to get work as a mason, I am sure that you could get a job as a gardener or handyman.

You need to speak with your landlord and let him know that you are trying to find work and make arrangements to settle outstanding rent with him so that your clothes could be returned to you.

I note your dilemma as far as your health is concerned; you need to visit the clinic in your area to seek medical assistance for a small fee. It is your life and you need to take control of it, you should not use your health as an excuse for being lazy.



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