The 7 minutes video: „Another Finger Exercise” ( Budapest, 2005) is a very personal evaluation of the EU Expansion Ceremony (held on the 1st of May 2004 in Dublin) and an artistic reflection focused especially on the military parade that accompanied it. Szacsva y Pál, the author of the video seems to be deeply struck by the psychological effect of this spectacle, especially as he at that time was a citizen of one of those countries which were going to be included into this political formation. In the video one can follow the parade being complemented with an improvisatory performance executed by Katalin Kim - a trained pianist - which reflects on it both in a sensorial and in an intellectual way. While marching with her fingers, following first the rhythm of the military maneuvers and then the rhythm of the European anthem she seems to quickly learn what Timothy Brennan - a reviewer of the video - aptly called the “dance-step of obedience”.