Ballgame could not have come
into being without the generous
colaboration of the 24 artists,
who's names are listed bellow
under their "avatars".

(These pictures were sent by artists
in order to represent them in Ballgame,
accompanied by sound recordings
of their voices telling what they
would tell before and after being
„hit” by the viewer.

Ravasz András
Phil Coy
Terry and Rozo
Bartha Sándor

Anne-Valerie Gasc

Carla Guagliardi
Eike Fodor János
Antje Poppinga
Beöthy Balázs
Gróf Ferenc  


Naudy del Fat
Halász Péter Keserue Zsolt Mare Tralla Márkos Berci
  Simon Queheillard         Horváth Tibor          
Révész László

Silent Cell Network

          Szacsva y Pál     Wim Wauman