After practicing for some years the particular way of presenting photography in form of a projection (slide projection onto objects placed in real space) during the past few years I also introduced the re-photographing of the slide installations in order to „re-present” this visual phenomenon in a fixed image and thus to develop a double media. As a result of this procedure the two pictures merge together and give birth to a third one: a strange agglomeration of visual information, a complex and overloaded representation. Compressed into the flat surface of the final photograph it becomes impossible to clearly distinguish between the two original images. Nevertheless their source of origin, their „identities” remain traceable and clearly report of a double media situation.

The idea of using photography and slide projection is based on the inherent possibility of this medium that enables us to cover up with its help in a very banal and explicit way one object of our surroundings with the image of another one. A photograph in our everyday life, while showing us something, it also necessarily covers one part of our reality. In my procedure this covering up takes place more directly than in the case of a normal piece of printed picture, because there is no frame -- neither physical nor conceptual -- to really legitimate the presence of the image that „cuts” into the surface of the real objects. The projected picture appears thus somewhat unexpectedly, as a clandestine element within its new surroundings, one could say.

Reprojection XXX (Antwerp 2000), rephotographed slide installation (105x137 cm)
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